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The announcement of the Rens Lipsius Studio... 

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Amsterdam, Ideal Artist House no.7, is now open! 

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A series of large format photographs of the Ideal Artist House...

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A series of large format photographs are available at Rens Lipsius Studio.

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A complete new body of works are available at Rens Lipsius Studio; Objet Dérivés.

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A complete new body of works are available at Rens Lipsius Studio; Objet Dérivés.

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Rens Lipsius and his team wish you a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year.

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In 2002 Rens Lipsius Conceived the Light observation Field.

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A new body of works are now available;

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Rens Lipsius receives the Chinese painter Jiang Dahai

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The year 2016 has been a year full of new encounters at the Ideal Artist House nr. 2

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We are showing the last Roses & Cauliflowers from 2017

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American pianist George Lepauw and the current presentation of Roses & Cauliflowers from 2017

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Together with Jérôme Cohen, founder of the Engage University, a meeting of its multidisciplinary community…

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The French poet and artist Marie Gossart to develop and perform her project ACTIONWRITING#

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Artist in the bush. Between 2006-2015, around 111,000 African elephants were lost from the wild…

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Dutch multi-media artist Rens Lipsius finalizes the Ideal Artist House – New York City

Internationally recognized Dutch multi-media artist Rens Lipsius recently realized the Ideal Artist House concept at 77 Bleecker Street in NYC. One of six such projects developed by Lipsius, the 77 Bleecker Street apartment–installation was recently sold through the Raphael DeNiro group as a total concept. The other Ideal Artist Houses, all intended as possible homes, are conceptual spaces. As such they include Lipsius’ art works and aspects of art studio architecture. 

The idea of an artist house—often thought to be artistically tied to Dutch historical interests—is in fact a natural extension of Lipsius’ approach to his studio. He has worked in multiple locations, always seeking to unify art, architecture and nature into a conceptual space. “A space,” he said, “which lives with its work, always changing as it evolves beyond work and thoughts.” 

“I change my studio space to enhance the work but then a magical thing happens: that is, the work, i.e., painting, changes the studio. The space becomes alive and generates thoughts, the space becomes organic, almost like a fertile garden.” 

Individual artworks Lipsius installs in his Ideal Artist Houses –whether paintings, photographs or video work—always relate to nature and light. Due to the artist’s highly accomplished enigmatic technique, the works, especially paintings, seem to generate light as an independent source. Shaping the physical and mental space around them, they resolve themselves into an open “living” form. On the French art website—, Nina Rodrigues-Ely wrote that Lipsius’ projects are inscribed in a humanist approach to art reaching for the light of what is essential. 

Rens Lipsius Studio and the Ideal Artist House no.2 will open in Paris late fall 2014. For all press and other inquiries, contact Rens Lipsius Studio

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